What is Low Dose Lung Screening?
A low dose lung screening is a CT scan of the lungs that uses low levels of radiation to aid in the early detection of lung cancer.  High risk individuals must meet a certain set of criteria and have no symptoms in order to qualify for this test.

What are the Screening Criteria for Low Dose Lung Screening?

  • Patient must be 50-77 years of age
  • At a minimum, 20 pack year smoking history
    • A pack year is packs/day multiplied by the number of years the patient has smoked
    • Ex. 1 pack a day for 20 years = 20 pack year
    • Ex. 2 pack a day for 10 year = 20 pack year
  • Current smoker or has quit within the last 15 years
  • Physician has reviewed the program with the patient
    • Patient participated in the shared decision-making session during which potential risks and benefits of CT lung screening were discussed.
    • Patient was informed of the importance of adherence to annual screening, pact of comorbidities and ability/willingness to undergo diagnosis and treatment.
    • Patient was informed of the importance of smoking cessation and/or maintaining smoking abstinence, including the offer of Medicare-covered tobacco cessation counseling services, if applicable.
  • Patient is asymptomatic
    • No symptoms such as fever, chest pain, new onset of shortness of breath, new or changing cough, coughing up blood or unexplained significant weight loss.
If you meet the qualifications above contact your physician today. We perform low dose lung CT screening at our office.

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